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Standard P&I Cover

Crew, passengers and other persons

Loss of life, personal injury claims in respect of crew members, passengers and third parties.



Loss, shortage, damage or other responsibilities in relation to the carriage of cargo.


Damage to or loss of property

Loss of or damage to any equipment, fuel or other property on board.


Pollution and fines

Loss, damage, costs and expenses caused and incurred as a consequence of water, land or air pollution.



The customary towage of an insured vessel.


Wreck removal

Costs and expenses relating to the compulsory raising, removing, destroying or marking the wreck.


General average contribution

Cargo’s proportion of general average, special charges or salvage not legally recoverable by breach of the contract of carriage.


Obstruction of Waterways cover

Compensation for financial loss as a direct consequence of the vessel concerned being delayed.


Cover for motor vehicles

Legal liability for damage to motor vehicles not being carried as cargo on board of the vessel.


P&I War cover

Cover for P&I primary war and excess war up to the insured limit.



Collision with other vessels and property such as jetties and wharfs if cover is not provided within the hull and machinery policy.