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Additional Covers


Extended Towage

In the circumstance where you need to enter into a towage contract that does not comply with the knock-for-knock principle, EUROP&I offers additional cover for those liabilities that fall outside the standard scope of cover. Extended towage will respond to third party person and property damage and/or loss that you are held liable for, even if this arises out of your contractual partner’s negligence.

Examples are:

coverage including RDC / FFO liabilities;

liability to cargo on board the tow;

wreck removal of towed vessels, or cargo or property theron, which are within the same or associated ownership or management of the insured vessel.


Timely Delivery of Cargo

Cover for extra costs as a result of a covered Hull & Machinery peril. Your right of recovery is extended in respect of additional costs and expenses (over and above the costs and expenses which would have been incurred but for the delay) for timely delivery of cargo at the port or place originally contracted for discharge, but only:

(1) Following loss or damage to the insured vessel caused by a peril insured against under the regular Hull and Machinery and/or War Risk policies or

(2) Detention due to the alleged infringement of any applicable law or regulation in respect of the cargo on board provided that vessel complies with draft requirements.

We have two options for this cover:

  1. Limit EUR 25,000 any one incident, not exceeding EUR 50,000 in the aggregate per annum.
  2. Limit EUR 50,000 any one incident, not exceeding EUR 100,000 in the aggregate per annunum.


Legal assistance and defence (FD&D)

The FD&D Policy covers legal and other costs necessarily incurred in establishing or defending claims which arise out of a covered event in direct connection with the operation, acquisition or disposal of an entered vessel or in respect of your interests in the vessel. The cover is at the sole discretion of EUROP&I and EUROP&I has the right to control or direct the conduct or handling of any case.